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Welcome to the SimSinai Centre Website.

We are happy to inform you that the SimSinai Centre is resuming educational activities!

We are now accepting  bookings for all courses. Please find attached the booking form to be completed and submitted to SimSinai.

 When planning your upcoming events, please keep in mind that we are following the current SHS directives and protocols which dictate the following restrictions:

  • SimSinai can accept groups of up to 10 people total (8 learners and 2 instructors),
  • 2 SimRooms can be used simultaneously
  • Social distancing principles and procedural masks must be in place
  • It is suggested that any didactic portions of the session be delivered as distance learning platform beforehand as SimSinai has narrow and  limited seating space.  Alternately, space for up to 15 learners for a didactic session may be available in the Surgical Skills Centre Grand Room.  This requirement should be indicated on the booking form.

 We will notify you on any changes or updates to these current protocols.

 Please contact us if you have any questions.  Marina Romanova, Iryna Masliak  

Please check our website for calendar events, booking forms and information.

 We look forward to seeing you back in SimSinai to support your educational needs!

 Cheers and be well,

SimSinai Staff

The SimSinai Centre has taught thousands of health-care providers in Ontario, throughout Canada, and internationally. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality learning opportunities for our course participants.

Our focus is on the creation of effective resuscitation teams to care for patients on the brink of death. We also emphasize the need for maximal patient safety, whether during resuscitations, performance of procedures, or during day-to-day routine operations.

Our instructors have won many awards for their teaching abilities and innovations in educational techniques. All instructors are certified through Heart and Stroke Ontario.

Among our equipment are Laerdal SimMan, ALS SimMan, SimJr, Birthing Noelle, Newborn Hal, Airway Management Trainers (ped/adult), Resusci Anne, CPR Manikins and Vimedix Ultrasound Simulators (Basic and OB/GYN).

We are located within Mount Sinai Hospital, on level 2, room 218 at 600 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario. M5G 1X5.

For general inquiries please contact Marina Romanova, Technician: (416) 586-4800 Ext. 5812. For ACLS inquiries please contact Iryna Masliak, Administrator: (416) 586-4800 Ext. 6539.

2017 Aspire Award Excellence in Simulation winners!