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Advanced Life Support Provider Courses build on the skills of BLS training and are tailored for individuals working in healthcare who have a duty to respond to adult or pediatric cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular emergencies. Participants should have experience, or responsibility to manage these types of patient populations before taking an ACLS course. ACLS Provider Courses provide training in:
• Cardiac rhythm interpretation.
• Indications for and use of airway management adjuncts.
• Cardioversion and defibrillation techniques.
• Intravenous therapy.
• Pharmacotherapy.
• Early management of special resuscitation situations.

Be comfortable with ECG interpretation, buy, read and successfully complete the self test (provided on the CD ROM ) in the ACLS manual (or completed online) prior to attending an ACLS course.
If you need to review ECG's, SimSinai Centre recommends "Rapid EKG Interpretation" by Dale Dubin, MD. It is available for purchase at the University of Toronto Bookstore, or online at
Prior to attending the ACLS course all participants must register through the Heart and Stroke Portal site  and by entering the course identifier listed below. Upon successful completion of the program, Heart and Stroke is notified and they will issue the ACLS Provider card directly to the address that you provided through the Portal with 3-4 weeks.

Basic ECG Interpretation
More ECG-Interpretation
Code blue: what to do

This course is NOT well suited for new graduates of any healthcare program. Working experience in a relative area of expertise is recommended for successful completion of the course. Passing this course is not guaranteed. There is no registration refund for unsuccessful candidates.

Getting the Manual!
The “2015 Heart and Stroke Foundation Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Provider Manual” is available for purchase from the Heart and Stroke Foundation Heart Shop.

NOTE: A mandatory requirement for the ACLS Certification and Re-Certification is having the “2015 Heart and Stroke Foundation Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Provider Manual” for the course. The information in this publication provides the most recent knowledge and practices in life saving techniques.

All participants MUST be registered through the Heart and Stroke Foundation website:

Please come to the course well prepared to ensure the best learning experience possible!

If you have an active respiratory or gastro intestinal illness please inform us and reschedule your course at no charge to protect your peers and to prevent spread of the disease. If you do come, your instructor may not allow your participation and may ask you to reschedule. Thank you for understanding.

Effective February 18, 2015 The Heart & Stroke Foundation will be issuing "E-cards" for providers who pass the ACLS course. If you require a physical card, you must contact and request it from them.

Registered nurses or nurse practitioners may qualify for reimbursement of the course fee upon successful completion of the course. You do not need to be a member of the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario. Please note this process does not include SimSinai Centre as it is a government-funded program. To register and apply visit the Nursing Education Initiative Grant Program site: